Azodyl® Effectively Treats Dog Kidney Failure and Cat Kidney Failure

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Azodyl ® contains a patented formulation of naturally-occurring “friendly” bacteria that are released in the large intestine, where they “eat up” uremic toxins and carry them out with them as they pass out of the body. Easy-to-administer, enteric coated capsules. Azodyl® can be used with other renal treatment and support products in the care of dogs and cats. Ask your veterinarian if Azodyl® is right for your pet. Always follow your veterinarian’s instructions.

Azodyl™ , for dogs and cats, is a mixture of three bacteria and a prebiotic with a unique mode of action that supports kidney function.

Azodyl is a proprietary formulation of beneficial bacteria that can be used to support normal renal health. Trusted for over 11 years, it is shown to help improve the quality of life.